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Best Online Ebook by John Delavera

You have paid for 100s of ebooks for getting the knowledge you need to succeed with Internet Marketing. Have you read them all? Have you tested everything to see what it works and what not?

Or if this is the first page you read about Internet Marketing then feel really lucky...

This ONLINE ebook has everything you need to know... And it's constantly updated with new information.

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Hi! John Delavera here.

This is the 3rd of my creations under the "Best ___ Ebook" brand.

All the creations in this "Best ___ Ebook" series are COLLECTIONS and serve 1 purpose:

To provide you with the ULTIMATE sources of the subject elaborated by each ebook.

  • The Best Free Ebook provides you with all the ULTIMATE collection of free ebooks you can ALSO brand free and five away to your customers.

  • The Best Seller Ebook provides you with all the ULTIMATE collection of products offered with Master Resale Rights.

  • The Best Online Ebook provides you with all the ULTIMATE collection of Internet Marketing knowledge.

"John who?"

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"So John... Why is the Best Online Ebook so special?"

As said, it's a HUGE COLLECTION of HUNDREDS OF PAGES with precious Knowledge that is always updated with new information...

I'll tell you how I created it and how I update it:

  • I ordered the private rights for some of the BEST Internet Marketing ebooks and courses written by GURUS of Internet Marketing. That means I have paid some 1000s of dollars for adding everything YOU find online in this ebook...

  • I read all the resources.

  • I categorized all information and created sub-categories for analyzing the subjects in more details.

  • I then edited the information from all resources and added it to the pages I created.

This is how I created the collection.
And this is how I update it:

  • Every time I see an ebook or a course offered with Private Label Rights, I buy it.

  • I then READ it and evaluate the information inside.

  • If there is an information that IS useful then I check to see if a category or sub-category exists in the Best Online Ebook.

    • If a category for that subject does not exist then I create a new category and add the relevant sub-categories.

    • If a category for that subject exists then I check in which sub-category the new information fits. If there is no relevant sub-category I create a new one and then add the data.

"OK... John... what's inside the BOE (Best Online Ebook)?"

I am glad you asked. :)

Be my guest and check the following list with all the contents of the ebook. Remember that new categories and sub-categories are added continuously.

Table of Contents

  1. General
    1.1 What is Internet Marketing?
    1.2 Do you have what it takes to be an e-entrepreneur?
    1.3 The Internet—Your business tool
  2. Research market
    2.1 Use Google
    2.2 Use Overture
  3. Starting Your Internet Business
    3.1 Be legitimate
    3.2 Get a merchant account
  4. Managing Your Life When You Work From Home
    4.1 General
    4.2 Balancing Your Business and Family
    4.3 Know how to say “no”
    4.4 Take a day off from work at least once a month
    4.5 Learn how to compromise
    4.6 Maintaining a Positive Attitude Is Good For Business
  5. What To Sell Online
    5.1 General
    5.2 Information Products
    5.3 Ebooks
    5.4 Ebooks - another tactic
    5.5 Interviews
    5.6 Product formats
    5.7 What businesses are succeeding on the Net?
    5.8 Should you be selling a product or a service?
  6. Choosing a Domain Name
    6.1 General
    6.2 Using expired domains to skyrocket your traffic
  7. Hosting
    7.1 General
    7.2 Hosting Accounts
    7.3 Dedicated Servers
    7.4 FTP - Upload your pages
  8. Structuring your website
    8.1 Making your website attractive, interesting, engaging and interactive
    8.2 Navigation
    8.3 Make it USABLE
    8.4 Building Interactivity and Personalization
  9. Web Design
    9.1 General
    9.2 HTML
    9.3 Website Designers
    9.4 Website Templates
  10. Sales Process
    10.1 General
    10.2 Building Relationships
    10.3 Just do it
  11. Sales Letters
    11.1 Writing a Sales Letter
    11.2 Your Story Counts - Your USP is needed
    11.3 Building credibility and maintaining it
  12. CopyWriting Concepts
    12.1 Chunks
    12.2 Bullets
    12.3 Tracking
    12.4 Tracking Resources
    12.5 Headlines
  13. Graphics
    13.1 The Value Of Graphics
    13.2 Do Your Own Graphics
    13.3 Header Graphics
    13.4 Choosing The Right Graphics
  14. PopUps
    14.1 Why Use PopUps
    14.2 Developing Your PopUp
    14.3 Creating Pop Ups
    14.4 PopUp Reminders
    14.5 Windows Dialogue PopUp
  15. Automating Your Sales System
    15.1 Click Bank
    15.2 JVManager
  16. Autoresponders
    16.1 General
    16.2 Basic
    16.3 Scripts
    16.4 Remote services
    16.5 Following up
    16.6 Follow-up autoresponder
    16.7 How to utilize your autoresponder
    16.8 Teaching
    16.9 Creating Value
    16.10 Types: On your server
    16.11 Types: On someone else's server
    16.12 Autoresponder SYSTEM
    16.13 Offers in your autoresponder system
  17. Search Engines
    17.1 General
    17.2 How Search Engines work?
    17.3 Top Search Engines
    17.4 Search Engine Page ranking algorithms
    17.5 Keywords—Optimizing Your Site to Get Top Billing at Search Engines
    17.6 Web Copy for SEO
    17.7 Submitting to Search Engines
    17.8 Search Directories – The Benefits of Browsing
    17.9 Pay-Per-Click—Buying Status
    17.10 AdWords and Premium Advertising
    17.11 Optimizing your Website
    17.12 Monitoring Your Progress
    17.13 A word about Spam
  18. Link Popularity and Link Analysis
    18.1 General
    18.2 Reciprocal Links and Partner Sites
    18.3 Inward link analysis
  19. Email Marketing
    19.1 General
    19.2 Collecting Opt-In Email Addresses
    19.3 Double Opt-in
    19.4 Intelligent targeting through tailor made research
    19.5 Renting or Buying Lists
    19.6 Growing your Email lists
    19.7 Email Content – Text vs. HTML
    19.8 Personalization in Email Marketing
    19.9 Creative Segmentation
    19.10 How often and when to mail?
    19.11 Refrain from Spamming
    19.12 Tracking Performance - Measuring useful metrics
    19.13 Enhancing Email response
    19.14 Should the message trick the reader or be honest?
    19.15 Call to Action—Closing the Deal
    19.16 Sample Marketing Email
  20. Newslettters - eZines
    20.1 General
    20.2 Advantages of newsletters as a marketing tool
    20.3 Creating an effective newsletter
    20.4 Steps for a successful newsletter campaign
    20.5 Getting subscribers and generating leads for your newsletter
    20.6 Advertising in newsletters
    20.7 Buying Ads in Other Newsletters
    20.8 Promoting affiliate programs through newsletters
    20.9 Planning your Newsletter
    20.10 Ezine Joint Ventures
  21. Blogs
    21.1 General
    21.2 Blog as a marketing tool
    21.3 How to create a Weblog?
    21.4 Adapting Blog Concepts to Your Newsletters
  22. Banners
    22.1 General
    22.2 Banner Glossary
    22.3 Banner Economics
    22.4 Text links
  23. Classified Ads
    23.1 General
    23.2 Creating effective Ads
  24. Joint Ventures
    24.1 General
    24.2 Choose Your Partners
    24.3 Types
    24.4 Strengthening Your Joint Ventures
    24.5 Track Your Joint Ventures
    24.6 Keeping Your Customers
  25. Press Releases
    25.1 General
    25.2 Writing an effective press release or news article
    25.3 Press Release Distribution
    25.4 When should you distribute Press Releases?
  26. Google Adwords
    26.1 General
    26.2 Setting up Google Adwords
    26.3 Keywords
    26.4 Pay-Per-Click
    26.5 Daily Budget
    26.6 Google Overview
    26.7 Writing Your Ad
  27. Affiliate Programs
    27.1 General
    27.2 Simple affiliate programs
    27.3 2-tier affiliate programs
    27.4 Joining An Affiliate Program
    27.5 Managing and tracking your affiliate programs
    27.6 Evaluating your website’s performance
    27.7 How to attract affiliates
    27.8 Classifying Affiliates for better management
    27.9 Cooking Off the Spam
    27.10 A few avoidable errors
    27.11 Setting up Your Own Affiliate Program
    27.12 Affiliate management in-built with your payment gateway – ClickBank
    27.13 LinkShare – Affiliate program that can bring you great results
  28. Viral Marketing
    28.1 General
    28.2 Viral Marketing is not a pyramid scheme
    28.3 Viral Marketing through Ebooks
    28.4 Viral Marketing through Emails
    28.5 Viral Marketing with affiliate programs
    28.6 Viral Marketing on the Web
    28.7 Word-of-mouth Viral Marketing
    28.8 Measuring Viral Effect and performance
  29. Test & Track
    29.1 General
    29.2 Monitoring and tracking
    29.3 Tracking sales
    29.4 Advanced Ad tracking
  30. Key points for more sales
    30.1 Cultivating New Customers
    30.2 The importance of following-up
    30.3 The importance of Back-end Selling
    30.4 The importance of Cross Selling
  31. Epilogue
    31.1 Create, Test, Repeat
    31.2 All You Need To Skyrocket Your Web Profits
    31.3 Automating your website – E-Business Automation System
    31.4 Some Warnings
    31.5 Checklist for Launching a Successful Internet Business

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