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From: Jay Z,
Re: Whoa! Stunning Graphics Without The High Price!


I won't insult your intelligence. You know you need professionally designed, high quality, eye-grabbing graphics on your website or sales pages that will virtually compel your visitors into becoming customers - and get them stuffing cold hard cash into your bank account as fast as they can whip out their credit cards.

You know that great looking graphics draw attention to your offer.

You know that professionally designed graphics can increase your sales conversions.

You know that properly designed graphics can give your site that "professional" look, and your prospective customers will trust you more, feel more comfortable doing business with you..

You know all that and more, don't you? So I'm not going to spend a lot of your time with a long sales letter trying to convince you of something you already know. Instead, I'll show you the incredible offer I have for you today.



Professional internet marketing graphics.IM Graphics

Graphics for Internet Marketers. Over 1000 Original,
Never Seen Before, professionally designed web graphics
to add that professional touch, that eye-grabbing power to your website and sales pages!

Here's what you get in this amazing package :

 210 Bullets and Dot Points

 76 Order Graphics

 72 Price Graphics

 43 Rubber Stamp Graphics

 147 Arrows

 91 Guarantee Seals

 In all - 639 original, professionally designed, attention-getting .jpg and .gif images...

 PLUS - I've also supplied you with most of the graphics in .png format with transparent background so you can drop them onto any background you want, making the total over 1000 images!

 Easily insert them into your pages. No graphic editing needed. With a wysiwyg editor like Dreamweaver or even Nvu, it's a snap!

By now, I just know you're itching to actually see what these graphics look like. So here's a peek at a tiny sample of what you'll be getting :

Click Here to See a Sample of the Graphics

(A new window will open. Just close it and you'll be right back here.)

Nice eh? That's just a tiny sample of what you'll be getting. All original. All 100% royalty free (copyrighted, of course, but royalty free), so no worries there.

So how much do you think you'd have to pay a graphic designer to make these for you? Depends on the graphic designer, but you'd be shelling out hundreds of dollars at least! That is - if you were getting them from someone else. Since you're getting them from me, like I said above...I'm Going To Save You a FORTUNE In Graphic Designer Fees!

You won't have to pay hundreds of dollars for this great package. I'm going to be practically giving you this package for a measly................

Wait! Hold On!...I'm Not Finished Yet!

Must be all the coffee. Maybe I'm wired from the caffeine, or maybe I just lost it, I don't know, but before I get to the price, (and before my wife finds out about this... ) , I've decided at the last minute to throw in Two Bonuses You Won't Believe! I was actually going to save these for a different project, but here they are...

Bonus #1 :

Four (4) professionally designed brand new, attention grabbing optin boxes - no graphic editing required, already loaded with Aweber Autoresponder code - just tweak the code according to your own Aweber autoreponder account, add your compelling content, copy and paste the box code into your page, and you're good to go. Don't have Aweber? No problem. Just replace the Aweber code with the one you use.

Each of these boxes come in their own folder, with all sliced graphics, and are on their own webpage, so you can easily edit the code before you copy the code to your actual sales page or website. I've made it easy to edit if you're an "Old School" Webmaster, like me, who likes to edit code directly. I've heavily commented the code to show you where to edit, or you can just use a wysiwyg editor like Dreamweaver or Nvu.

Take a look at these stunning optin boxes :

Optin Box #1   Optin Box #2   Optin Box #3   Optin Box #4

(A new window will open. Just close it and you'll be right back here.)

Sweet, eh? I've even provided an "instructions.txt" file with these optin boxes for reference, in case you're new to this type of stuff and need a little help. Wait! I said I had TWO Bonuses didn't I? Well.....

Here's Bonus #2 :

Two (2) Brand New, Original, Eyeball-Popping, One Time Offer Templates. No graphic editing needed! You've not seen any OTO Templates quite like these. Images sliced, template optimized and ready for your content. These templates speak for themselves.

Want to take a look? I thought so. Check 'em out here :

Super Hot OTO Template     Super Cool OTO Template

(A new window will open. Just close it and you'll be right back here.)

Ahhh Yes...And you thought those Optin Boxes were sweet. BUT HERE'S THE BEST PART...

You can Grab this entire package right now for the insanely low price of only :


OR Get it as part of the huge Graphics Bonus Membership that
is available only at

Marketing Graphics Fiesta !

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Yeah, I know...the recession is here (and my wife might see this soon), so you better grab this fast, while the price is still so ridiculously low! I may need to raise the price at any time.

Grab your copy today, so you can start making your sites look more professional - and you just may start to see your sales conversions going up, up, UP!

Yours For Success,

Jay Zebrun


I forgot to tell you - I've used a couple of images from this very package on this page. What does that tell you about my confidence in the quality of these graphics? Enough said. Get your package now.
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