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The 98 Meg Marketing Graphics Pack
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98 Meg Graphics Pack

Need More Graphics For Your Sales Pages?
From ECoverFX - The 98 Meg Graphic Pack!

This is the ULTIMATE Sales Page Graphic Pack - All Completely LEGAL!!!

I'm not sure if you remember a pack of graphics floating around the Internet a few months ago, but it was called something like the "1600 pack."  Yes, I bought that package, with the original intent to use the images on header/cover creations - and also to resell the package.  Problem was, I found out shortly after purchasing the package - that the images were NOT LEGAL!  Needless to say, there went 10 bucks, and I had to scrap the whole set.  I can't use images that are not legal.  I'm sure none of my customers would appreciate any fines for using illegal images, and neither would I.

Well, here is MY solution. I created a brand new mega pack of images for all of us to use on our sales pages!  Now, there are no "people" images in here like the other package had - mainly due to image rights restrictions. But there are many other wonderful images in this package including:


marketing graphics arrows

Check Boxes!

sales page graphics - check boxes

Tons of Bullets!



Credit Card Images!



ECoverFX icons

Folders Of Logo Images!



Gnome Images!

Buttons Galore!

98 Meg graphics buttons




Search Glasses!


smilies at QiiCart

Discount Bursts and other Sales Graphics!



stars graphics at Marketing Graphics Fiesta

Seen Enough?

All images are perfectly legal to use on your websites, sales pages, auction pages, within your headers, ebook and software box covers, anywhere you like!  Within reason of course, I mean you're not going to be able to use a Windows or Linux image as YOUR actual LOGO, that's common sense I would hope.  But you CAN use them to signify that your new software works on a Windows or Linux platform.

For those of you who are still wondering about the "windows" and other logo images, have you ever seen those professional software boxes with a "windows or linux" image on there that lets you know that the software is compliant with that operating system?  How about websites that do this same type of thing?  They are not using the images as their own PERSONAL LOGOS of course, they are only using them to show "compliancy" with a certain Operating System, Chip, or software program.

And come on now, how many web pages do you see with credit cards on them to signify which credit cards are accepted?

Ever wonder where people GET those images for their websites and software boxes?  Well, I found the source for these legal images, and I'm not telling where I found it!  If you have any reservations about using the images in this package - then please - save us both a hassle and just don't buy it.

I actually have in my possession, a folder that is 15.9 meg FULL of documentation that says I am allowed to use, and resell these (and MANY OTHER) images.  I've created some myself, like the bullets, certificates, checkboxes, arrows, etc... but, what I didn't create is completely documented.

So, if you should ever be challenged on the usage of any images (provided you are not attempting to use "GIMP'S image as your own personal logo for instance) - you can send them my way.  I'll handle it.  My contact information is included in each folder of this graphics pack... believe me - you can't miss it.  Not like I'm hiding from anything. My name is stamped all over this puppy, and I'm proud of it - because I KNOW I'm LEGAL!

Here's a screen shot if you think I'm kidding:

That's right, 15.9 meg of documentation. (And no, I'm not passing it along with the package, it isn't necessary.)  As long as you are intelligent enough to use common sense, you won't have any problems with these images.  I've already explained that above.

Who can use these images, and what can they be used for?

  • Website builders can use these images on websites and direct sales pages.

  • Programmers can size the images down and use them in software programs they create.

  • Graphic Designers can use the images within their website designs, on box covers, ebook covers, and other designs.

  • Auction posters can use the images on their auction pages.

  • Forum builders can resize the smiley images for example and use them as "emoticons" for the forum. 

  • Resellers can make a lot of sales and cash reselling this package!  Just consider how "viral" the illegal package was!  It still pops up on the net today, sold by people who don't realize the images are not legal.

  • I'm sure there are many more areas that these images will come in handy that I haven't even thought of yet!

Personal Use Rights - 98 Meg Graphics Pack

Here are the Personal Usage Rights Restrictions: 

[NO]  You may NOT give these graphics away
[NO]  You may NOT resell the graphics through action sites
[NO]  You may NOT put your own name on the graphic pack as if you created it
[NO]  You may NOT add these graphics to FREE membership sites
[NO]  You may NOT add this package to PAID membership sites
[NO]  You may NOT offer this package as a bonus with other products
[NO]  You may NOT resell this package
[NO]  You may NOT sell Resale Rights to others
[NO]  You may NOT sell Master Resale Rights to others
[NO]  You may NOT sell Private Label Rights to this package
[YES] You may use any of the images included in the ECoverFX 98 meg pack on your own personal sales pages, websites, and auction pages.

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Original, complete 98 Meg Graphics Pack from ECoverFX

Michelle Brouse, Creator of 98 Meg Graphics Pack
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